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Update on the Current Situation for Buyers and Sellers, Landlords and Tenants

We’re delighted to announce that the housing market has re-opened and buyers and sellers can once again resume their moving plans.

The final confirmation was released 13th May with some guidelines detailed by Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick, who said: “This critical industry can now safely move forward, and those waiting patiently to move can now do so.”. Therefore, we are now able to resume viewings, and help people to carry out their moving plans. With so many buyers, sellers, and renters waiting for lockdown to end, we expect an initial surge of requests. This will really help to kickstart the housing market, but it may be short-lived if we do not prioritise health over wealth and could consequently lead to a second spike. Hence, we are making changes to our all of our procedures, including valuations and viewing arrangements, in order to meet with the government guidelines and keep all parties safe.

Please find below our procedures for: Viewings, Valuations, Moving Home.




For buyers there will now be two parts to each viewing:

  1. Virtual/Online viewing in the first instance
  2. Physical Viewings for proceedable buyers only (i.e) buyers who have sold STC or have nothing to sell

(The equivalent applies for lettings) 


Where the potential buyer/tenant and seller/landlord are happy for a viewing to go ahead, we will do our best to accommodate under very strict safety guidelines listed below:

  • We will be asking all of our clients to confirm if they develop any Covid-19 related symptoms prior to the viewing, if any potential symptoms are reported, all viewings relating to these clients will be paused.

  • The home occupier must not be present in the building for the viewing, however they can sit at the end of the garden or in their car if they wish to do so.

  • We ask that all internal doors & windows are left open (where possible) to avoid the necessity of touching handles.

  • There is a limit of 2 people (maximum) attending each viewing; they must be from the same household and must be the decision makers, i.e. no children or other relatives.

  • Viewers must wear a face mask and feet covers and must sanitise their hands before and after viewing (Melanie Estates to supply all PPE where viewers do not have their own).

  • The viewer must be in a ‘proceedable’ position i.e. their own property is under offer or they are not in a chain (no property to sell).

  • A social distance of 2 meters must be maintained at all times.

  • Viewings must be contactless and last no longer than 20 minutes.

  • The Melanie Estates representative will clean all door handles with anti-bacterial wipes before and after the viewing.

  • The Melanie Estates representative will open the front door to the property and let the viewer lead the way, maintaining a 2-meter distance behind the viewer at all times.




We are now able to offer valuation visits to homeowners looking to move, following the same safety guidelines as outlined about. If you need a valuation but would prefer this to be done remotely, we can offer advice via video call.

Call our Sales Manager Caroline on 01603 516586 or email and we will arrange this for you.


Moving home

Melanie Estates will allow a minimum of 72 Hours between tenants moving out of a property and the new tenants moving in.

If you need a removal van it is advisable to book this well in advance, ensure that the appointed person is not exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19.


Get in touch

Whatever your plans, we’re here to help. A 15-minute, no-obligation call with us may reassure you and help you to make an informed decision for you and your family.

For sales, call Caroline on 01603 516586 or email at

For lettings, call Linda on 01603 444251 or email at